It's time to achieve greatness and become the best Tactical Athlete you can be with the 10 Week Tactical Athlete Conditioning E-Book.

What To Expect

  • 20 Tactical Athlete Conditioning Workouts Inspired by ‘Tactical Thursday’
  • 20 Varied Run exercises that are engineered and programmed in order to hit a personal best 5K time!
  • Expand your capabilities by continuously pushing you to the next level both physically and mentally.

The e-book provides information on FM Coaching, the benefits of the programme, then dives into the different styles of training, stretching, and provides a detailed training guide on RPE, TAB, LISS, AMRAP, EMOM exercises and much more!


The training within this 10 week programme has been especially designed to produce results by developing your strength and endurance while transforming your body into a lean, fast and robust tactical machine so be prepared to grab the e-book and put in the hard work to achieve your best results yet!

10 Week Tactical Athlete Conditioning E-Book